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Tuesday, January 2, 2017



 Meeting Minutes


Big Jake’s




Call to Order

§  President:  Glen Scarborough called the meeting to order at 7:00

§  Attendee Names

o    President- Glen Scarborough, Vice President- Nathan Sloan, Treasurer- Michael DeMoss- absent, Secretary- Kathy Lach     

Barry Gafford, Mark Moore, Chevi Moore, Wade Scroggins, Derrick Watson, Hoyt Christian, Brett Swanger, Taylor Hedrick, Jeff Colvert, Ray Powell, & Katelyn Sloan

President Opening Remarks:

Glen asked if everyone had reviewed the minutes and the minutes were approved. 

Treasurer Report:
In the absence of Michael DeMoss, Glen gave the account balance as $21, 763.27 and $24.00 in cash.  Glen announced club dues are now due. You may give the dues to Michael DeMoss, club treasurer.

Old Business

*Kevin Hester is giving our website a facelift.

*Damian and Nathan have dogs that have earned HRC title crystals, we still need to get the crystals to them.

*Rodney Newton was in the hospital so no one has spoken to him yet regarding the possible lease of his property for training grounds.  Someone will contact him about this potential lease before the next meeting.

*Bret Swanger found and purchased a trailer for the club to serve as a cooler.  It will help us preserve and cool the birds at the hunt tests.

*Curtis Treadway will have bird techs for the Spring Hunt Test from Stamps school.  Damian Strodderd will have some bird techs as well.

*We are waiting on the appreciation dinner planning for Ducks Unlimited and Lagniappe to decide how much they will donate. We also need to secure a location for this event. 

 New Business
*Glen passed around a Grand sign-up sheet, requesting members to sign up for days you will be able to work.  We need approximately 3 people per test, and there are 4 tests set up, Monday through Thursday.  You may not be able to work every day, we just need to know what days each member will be available to help.  We will also need people to help with the set up Saturday and Sunday.  Please see Glen to sign up.

*Logo for the Grand is done and looks great. Avery will be given a deadline to get back with us on prices and availability of product.  We need to order 500 hats and 50 shirts, along with handlers jackets and wind shirts.

*The club trailer needs to be organized and inventoried.  Glen stated he would be getting help with this maybe at the next training day.

*We need to decide on a location in New Boston for the Grand Headquarters. 

*We will have the Spring Hunt Test at Rodney Newton’s land in Falcon.  We need motels for judges.

 *Wade Scroggins informed the club that there will be another Derby Q Saturday March 31st, and Sunday April 1st at Mark Madore’s property.  Wade stated the judges have been selected and are Dave Morrison and Ron Easley.  Wade invited everyone to come and watch.

*Glen went over the proposed rule changes for the HRC.  Those present listened to the proposition, and voted in favor of the amendments or in opposition.  See Glen for detailed information or a copy of the proposed changes. 

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm


Next Meeting February 6, 2018 at Hopkins Ice House, Texas

Location, at 7:00 - Arrive early if you want to eat

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