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Call to Order 

§  President:  Glen Scarborough called the meeting to order at 7:00

§  Attendee Names

o    President- Glen Scarborough, Vice President- Nathan Sloan, Treasurer- Michael DeMoss, Secretary- Kathy Lach     

o    Melissa Fyffe,  Larry Fyffe, Derrick Watson, Hoyt Christian, Barry Gafford, Greg Lann, Rachel DeMoss

o    Katelyn Sloan, Wade Scroggins, Cathy Scroggins, Damian Strodderd, Debbie Strodderd, Steve Lach


 President Opening Remarks:

Glen asked if everyone had reviewed the minutes and the minutes were approved.

Treasurer Report:
Michael DeMoss gave the account balance as $19,181.13 and $260.00 in cash.

New Business
*Glen announced that we still need plates for the Grand.  We need approximately 16, 4x6 or larger, if you know of a contact for these let Glen know.

*Hides have been ordered.

*The Spring Hunt Test will be on Rodney Newton’s property, April 7th, and 8th.  This will also be our 25th Anniversary Celebration.  We will be ordering hats and shirts with a 25th Anniversary design.  Any of these items we have left over from our Spring Hunt Test, we will sell at the Grand Hunt Test.  We will also be placing an order for 25th Anniversary Jackets.  Glen  checked with Avery about hats and shirts and they were a little high with limited patterns.  We are continuing to get other prices.

*Elk Meadow has been reserved for the Grand Banquet.  The club voted to go ahead and pay the $2400 deposit on the Elk Meadow Lodge to reserve it.

* Glen looked into look into getting  25th Anniversary Duck Bands.  They will be about $200 for 100 bands. Glen also reported that  Lone Star Trophy in Nash have nice Crystal Plaques for Land  Owners. The Tshirts they can make will be $8 and caps $12.  We can still compare prices if anyone else has a contact. 

*Spring Hunt Test Judges have been selected.  They are Stan Brown, Janet Kimbro, Denise Gordy, Larry McMurray, Tommy Harp, Mike Botts, Mike Dettrich, Curtis Treadway, and Derrick Watson.  We need 21 bird techs for the Spring Hunt Test.  Damian will check with his contact for possible bird techs.

*Women’s Center  will provide bird techs for AKC test coming up this next weekend. They will  also provide lunches for workers and judges.  We need six gunners.  Nathan will shoot. Damian volunteered to shoot, and Michael Tolleson will be a shooter.  Steve Lach, Glen Scarborough, and Damian Strodderd will bring their Rangers.  Michael DeMoss will order the porta- potties, and make sure they are delivered. Marshalls will be Glen and Roger-Madore’s, Kathy and Steve- Master, Michael and Rachel- Junior/Senior, Larry and Melissa- Junior /Senior

*.Wade and Cathy invited club members that would like to see or train on their place to contact them.  They have done a lot of work on their grounds.

*If you see Richard Norris, manager of Schmidt Farms, please tell him how much we appreciate him allowing us to use the Schmidt grounds.

*Glen went over the importance of good Marshalls at a Hunt Test.  A Marshall is the liaison between the judge and the handler.  The Marshall can and should assist the judge to make his job easier, and deflect negativity and promote a positive environment. 

*Thank you to Nathan Sloan for going to Katy, Texas and  Port Arthur, Texas, working to evacuate stranded people. Glen and Michael picked up water and Slim Jim’s, and Katelyn got donations from the college to send with Nathan to distribute to those in need.  Nathan worked long hours with little sleep.  We really appreciate the work you did!

If anyone needs assistance with training contact Glen, 903-276-6817, and he will get a group together to train.

 Next Meeting October 3, 2017 at Hopkins ICeHouse Texarkana, Texas at 7:00. arrive early if you want to eat

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