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Tuesday, November 7, 2017




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Four States Retriever Club

Call to Order 

§  President:  Glen Scarborough called the meeting to order at 7:00

§  Attendee Names

o    President- Glen Scarborough, Vice President- Nathan Sloan, Treasurer- Michael DeMoss, Secretary- Kathy Lach

      Derrick Watson, Hoyt Christian, Barry Gafford, Jeff Covert, Brett Swanger

            Rachel DeMoss, Katelyn Sloan, Wade Scroggins, Cathy Scroggins, Steve Lach

 President Opening Remarks:

Glen asked if everyone had reviewed the minutes and the minutes were approved.  Glen expressed prayers and concerns for Larry Fyffe, and Richard Norris.

Treasurer Report:
Michael DeMoss gave the account balance as $24, 779.95 and $30.00 in cash.

New Business
*Glen announced that the Website is behind and needs to be updated.  The Link to join by email is broken.  We welcome ideas about this update.  If anyone is interested in taking this project on or helping with it please contact Glen.

*If you have a dog that has titled HRCH and you haven’t received your crystal  let Glen or Michael DeMoss know.

*The next meeting will be the Christmas Party on Saturday, December 16th at Nathan and Katelyn Sloan’s house  at 5:30pm.  It  will be potluck and we will once again will play the gift game.  More information and directions to follow.

*No training day scheduled for next month.

*Glen told us that at the Grand they kill all the birds at one time and put them in storage.  The club needs this storage place.  We are looking at getting a refrigerated trailer for approximately $2,000.  We will use this trailer at the Spring Test and the Grand.  This would help the club by being able to order fewer birds.  Brett Swanger is looking at refrigerated trailers for the club.  The club members present, agreed to this purchase.

*Curtis Treadway is working on getting bird techs for the Spring Hunt Test.  Curtis has contacted 4 different groups from Stamps.

*Gunner Up parts need new bands and clips.  Wingers were in bad condition after the last test.  Glen will be working on getting these back in shape.

*We sent money for the Grand birds and the National Grand Committee sent money for the Grand birds.  The supplier told us that he would put this money towards our Spring Hunt Test birds.  Therefore, we are $2400 ahead on Spring Hunt Test birds.

*The radios are in bad condition from the last hunt test.  We need to purchase new radios.  If anyone else knows of other equipment issues, let Glen know.

*Grand News- The local Ducks Unlimited wants to contribute to the Grand Hunt Test.  We will use this money for an appreciation dinner for the handlers and workers.  Nathan and Katelyn Sloan will head this dinner up.  This will be on Saturday night before the large Banquet on Sunday.  Elk Meadow has been reserved.  It will be BBQ and twice baked potatoes.  We will start a list of what days club members will be able to help, and what you will be interested in doing. 

*Many Clubs put ads in the HRC magazine to advertise their club and the upcoming Grand.  Since it is our 25th anniversary,  the club voted to advertise in the magazine the 25th anniversary and the upcoming Grand.  This advertisement will cost, $350. 

*Wade Scroggins talked about the last AKC Test.  He said the feedback from the handlers was that we were perceived to be organized and effective.  Wade thanked all the members that worked the test.  There is no scheduled  AKC Test coming up. Crystals were given to land owners.  The club gave Mark Madore a bird dryer.  The Scroggins were presented a bird dryer at the meeting.

*Michael DeMoss gave the tally for the AKC Hunt Test profit as approximately $11,000.

 Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm


Next Meeting saturday December 16, 2017 at Nathan and KAtelym Sloan’s home at 5:30pm for the Christmas party location information to follow

arrive early if you want to eat

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