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Club News
Celebrating 20 years of
great dogs and friends!

Congrats to Academy's Satchel on the Hill ("Slyder"), his owner and handler, Kelli Scarborough and Glen Scarborough for passing the HRC's Fall Grand, 2014! This is Slyder's second pass!

Join us for a club meeting soon! Meetings are held monthly - on the first Tuesday of the month! Stay tuned for the announcement of where next month's meeting will be held! 

Club Officers
Glen Scarborough President
Don Adcock Vice-President
Michael DeMoss Treasurer
TBA  Secretary

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Looking for HRC hunt tests?
UKC's Licensed Hunt Calendar and
HRC's Hunt Test Entries/Premuims List

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Four States Hunting Retriever Club
is an official chapter of Hunting Retriever Club, Inc. (HRC). HRC has established a no-nonsense, true-to-life, training and testing program where gun dog owners meet, train, learn, and test their dogs afield. We host HRC licensed hunt hests and earn HRC/UKC titles. These are fun events and once you’ve run an event, you’ll want to do more!

HRC was formed under the auspices of the United Kennel Club, Inc. (UKC). UKC was founded in 1898 as a purebred dog registry devoted to maintaining the inherent working abilities of hunting dogs. UKC sponsors more hunting dog events than any other organization in the world.

Four States HRC is a great resource for helping you train your dog. Benefits of membership afford many resources to support you and your retriever: Learn from experienced handlers, allowing you to utilize what you've learned to work with your dog between sessions.

Evaluate progress, while training, testing and gaining knowledge from fellow members.

Meet people and make friends with those who have similar interests in hunting and hunting dogs.

Build relationships and form your own training and hunting groups.

Being a part of a training group socializes your dog to be around other people and dogs in different environments and situations.

Improved access to training locations, equipment including bumpers, birds, wingers and launchers, books and tapes/DVDs on training.

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